Standard universal dendrite

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A standard universal dendrite of order $m$ is a dendrite $D_m$ with the property that each ramification point of $D_m$ is of order $m$ and for each arc $A \subset D_m$, the set of ramification points of $D_m$ which belong to $A$ is dense in $A$.

Standard universal dendrite $D_3$.Standard universal dendrite $D_4$.Standard universal dendrite $D_4$


Theorem: For each $m \in \{3,4,\ldots,\omega\}$, $D_m$ is universal in the class of all dendrites for which the order of their ramification points is less than or equal to $m$.


Theorem: If $m, n \in \mathbb{N}$ with $3 \leq m < n$, then there exists an open mapping of $D_n$ onto $D_m$.


Theorem: For each $m \in \{3,4,\ldots,\omega\}$ a monotone surjection of $D_m$ onto itself is a near homeomorphism if and only if $m=3$.